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Read + Publish Agreements?

ACS Read + Publish Agreements seek to shift the relationship with an institution from a subscription-based model to one that more sustainably supports open access publishing. Such agreements assist authors and institutions with meeting their goals of widespread open access publication while ensuring researchers have full access to ACS journal content. To date, ACS has partnered with hundreds of institutions in over 15 countries worldwide to establish Read + Publish Agreements, including Germany’s Max Planck Institutes, the U.K.’s JISC consortia, the Austrian Academic Library Consortium, and MIT Libraries.

What are ACS Read + Publish Agreements?

Read + Publish Agreements are a relatively new development in scholarly publishing. Typically negotiated between the publisher and institution/university (or the principal funder or library consortia that represents them), such agreements involve the offset of the library’s subscription costs with open access publishing credits. ACS Read + Publish agreements can help researchers accelerate the pace of open access publishing, most notably because they take the responsibility for the direct costs of article publishing charges (APCs) from researchers. In addition, because they are built into the manuscript submission process, they save time and reduce administration and approval processes for both authors and library/OA departments. Note: Read + Publish agreements are sometimes referred to as “offset” or “transformative” agreements. All terms refer to an agreement between a publisher and an institution in which reading and publishing are bundled. To see if you are covered by a Read + Publish agreement, view a list of existing ACS Read + Publish agreements below.
How to publish under a Read + Publish Agreement How ACS Read + Publish Agreements help librarians and administrative staff

Who has Read + Publish Agreements with ACS?

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